It’s all about you.

At Helix Design, our job is to get you noticed for all the right reasons.

We know your success depends on standing out in a crowd as the most professional, playful, polished, or preposterous—whatever is going to engage your unique set of clients. We begin by listening to understand your goals, strategies, target audiences and competitors. We collaborate with you on early creative brainstorming and then develop the distinctive voice and visuals that will make you shine.

We have decades of experience and some shelves of nice awards to show for it. Most importantly, we have a wide range of clients who aced their strategic priorities thanks to the creative design that set them apart.

Our creative.

Helix Design is a multi-disciplinary strategic design agency. We manage a wide mix of creative professionals knit together by our client-focused process, honed by decades of experience. And deliver real results.

James Shrimpton of Helix Design


Creative Principal  / Owner

The principal and founder of Helix Design, James has more than 35 years of creative design experience. He believes that creativity is intelligence having fun. James knows design, but he knows that his clients know their business. The best design work comes when the two are true collaborators in the process. He also knows he’s better at buying and selling cellos than he is at playing them.

Leslie Robertson of Helix Design


Writer / Editor

When not travelling the world or speaking the lingo with the locals in Japan, Leslie brings a discerning and pragmatic eye, and a passion for the written word, to the editing and writing table. A self-confessed information junkie she regularly posts savvy design articles to our Facebook site.